A personal account of creating a video for a school as a community service project

Students possess tremendous experiential wisdom on issues related to identity, culture, history and justice. Student Leadership Give students leadership opportunities from the beginning and let them participate in almost all aspects of the project.

A personal account of creating a video for a school as a community service project

They used active problem-solving, reasoning, and decision making to explore and communicate knowledge. For example, a traditional research paper or group project can be replaced with an experiential research paper or personal journal that documents learning from the service experience. A portion of the normal coursework is substituted by the community-based component. Museums, cultural centers, libraries, neighborhood landmarks, and sites of historical interest or struggle. In these reflections, they use course content as a basis for their analysis and understanding of the key theoretical, methodological and applied issues at hand. Apply for a GreenWorks! For example: architecture students might design a park; business students might develop a web site; botany students might identify non-native plants and suggest eradication methods. Their hands-on experiences reinforced their learning with greater impact than if they had simply completed a worksheet after reading a chapter in a textbook. Cultural and community celebrations, commemorations, political actions, artistic events, performances, student conferences and community education events. Use of Local Resources All local communities have valuable resources that can enhance teaching and learning on social justice topics, even if these resources are not always explicit or obvious. It also demonstrates respect for families with a diverse range of backgrounds and structures. Connection to Anti-bias Education Drawing on local resources supports all four anti-bias domains: Identity, Diversity, Justice and Action. This is what makes PBL constructivist.

Beginning-of-the-Year Questionnaires or Conversations Teachers can gather valuable information about students by connecting with parents and guardians early in the school year.

Such projects may be particularly suited to course clusters or learning communities within or across disciplines, or course sequences, say, within a major, that build student capacity towards advanced learning and community action goals.

Strategies Personal Action Plan After reading about prejudice or discrimination, the Personal Action Plan assignment asks students to reflect on these issues in their own surroundings and explore how they might help make their school and community more welcoming, inclusive and equitable.

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Possible programs include films, speakers or discussions for parents and guardians on topics such as bullying prevention, identity development, racial experiences, gender expression, sexuality, learning differences and family diversity.

If handled with respect and cultural sensitivity, however, school-family communication provides an opportunity to live out the values of inclusiveness and equity, which are at the heart of anti-bias education. Let's not forget the largely untapped wealth of experience and knowledge that resides with retires, grandparents and millions of socially isolated senior citizens in aged care facilities.

Setting the standard for project based learning

Before our project, my students did not have strong observation skills. Action Plans are simple lists of all of the tasks that you need to finish to meet an objective. Reflection It is widely agreed reflection is the hallmark of high-quality service learning. According to Terry Heick on his blog, Teach Thought, there are three types of project-based learning. My students were encouraged to be responsible for their own learning based on their unique learning styles and interests, and seeing my students learn to apply science, math, language arts and creative problem solving skills to real-life situations was very rewarding for them, and me! I expect there will be lots of web developers will curse it Raisbeck Aviation High School [18] Another example is Manor New Technology High Schoola public high school that since opening in is a percent project-based instruction school. They taught kids and adults how to make a compost pile, how to plant a butterfly garden, about xeriscaping, choosing proper plants, how to become a Master Gardener, wildlife and bird watching in your own backyard, and more. Option within a course: Many faculty begin community engagement with a pilot project. Deliver them an open invitation to reconnect, collaborate and share their experience, skills and time to make a difference. She laid three eggs and students took great care in observing them. Our community partners and volunteers played the role of advisors, facilitators, and educators. The results of the research are communicated to the agency so that it can be used to address community needs. Apply for a GreenWorks! Step 3: Create a Community Resource Map A visual representation of your community and the various skills people have to offer is a super way to understand what community resources are available. The students are held accountable to these goals through ongoing feedback and assessments.
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What is Service Learning or Community Engagement?