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But my response to any form of excitement about reading is to want to write.

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Author statement Critical perspective For many years A. Despite the publication of two novels , The Shadow of a Sun and The Game , Byatt continued to be considered mainly a scholar and a critic until the publication of her highly acclaimed The Virgin in the Garden No novelist, perhaps, has done so much to widen the range of English fiction. Byatt, The Art of Fiction No. Her brother Richard Drabble QC is a barrister. Lawrence, with whom my relationship is extremely ambivalent. She is not a writer one can imagine being tempted to write a memoir: solipsism is not in her nature. Also, I have never wanted to belong to anything ever and he was a movement. The compelling story of the Wellwood family is intertwined with the social and political context of the world in which they live: Edwardian Britain is entering a new era in which the established social order is changing, the suffragette movement is gaining full force and World War I is approaching. While The Children's Book is compelling, atmospheric and darkly resonant, I also found it deeply, deeply irritating. Stephanie goes on to become a traditional housewife who, though relatively happy, misses her former intellectual life later dying in a tragic accident , while Frederica's marriage ends in divorce and a new life as a strong and self-sufficient single mother.

We talked about poetry and Yeats and Auden and Shakespeare, and it was the literary conversation I had never had. I feel that about real people and people in books, and people in biographies.

With less energy to turn her fierce intellect outward, she is gentle, cautious, and open as we move from current affairs to her personal life, and then to the prospect of mortality.

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Ragnarok: The End of the Godsa retelling of the Norse mythis set during World War II and centres on a young girl who is evacuated to the countryside. Byatt's fiction often explores changing female experience throughout the twentieth century, and she has commented that her 'greatest terror' is 'simple domesticity' Sam Leith, The Guardian, 25 April Leavis, and dozens of other topics with a sure, swift movement of thought.

The second volume of the series, Still Lifeconcentrates on the art of painting, and it was followed by Babel Tower and A Whistling Woman He really did teach reading.

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It was just the right moment, not the wrong moment, to receive a European prize. People who write books are destroyers. It's hard to say. I thought I was likely to be nobody. Shadow of a Sun I was a very narrowly successful child. Her books reflect a continuous interest in zoology , entomology , geology , [9] and Darwinism among other repeated themes. While the Wellwood children appear to have an idyllic life, their existence is revealed to be far from happy as the hypocrisy of the adults is exposed: beneath the facade of liberalism, utopian politics and Olive's much-loved children's stories lies a dark side - an unhappy family with layers of sinister and scandalous secrets. It was the first, but by no means the last, novel I threw to the floor in disgust. She walks with difficulty and is visibly in pain. Also, I have never wanted to belong to anything ever and he was a movement. And he was paranoid, and paranoia is a very bad thing for anybody. Both are filled with art, predominantly by her contemporaries, libraries of extravagant, Borgesian range and curiosa of many kinds, hinting at her unusual fecundity of mind: exotic preserved insects, the intricate examples of Venetian millefiori glassware and objects rare and fascinating of all imaginable varieties.

No, I didn't hate it: I loathed it, detested it, despised it. The novel is a complex story set inat the time of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Possession is another ambitious novel, a spectacular intertextual literary web which combines explorations of Victorian literature and culture with a gripping detective story and love story.

A s byatt

But also, I collect tiny little handicraft things that people have made, and I collect [Venetian] glass balls. Possessionher Booker Prize-winning tale of two contemporary academics on the trail of a Victorian love affair, is a desert island book for the intellectual reader.

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Because reading takes so much time, and there are only so many books one can read in a lifetime, it seems wilfully masochistic to go back to someone you didn't like first time around. Thankfully, there was one author on this list that I'd heard of — AS Byatt — and as I struggled through weeks of wearisome Christian metaphor and allusion, Byatt's novel of art, family and sexual awakening, Still Life, sat waiting for me like some great prize. Much as I love my husband and my children, I love them only because I am the person who makes these things. And I will go back to writing my novel, and I will receive this prize with great joy. That was like the thing Henry James said about going up the stair and finding the one needful bit of information. It was the first, but by no means the last, novel I threw to the floor in disgust. Books and objects, more than places, she says, are what give her her sense of identity. Such blind, decade-and-a-half dislike needed to be challenged. In those days if you were a woman they took away your grant for getting married. So I went to lunch with Cecil Day-Lewis in the Athenaeum, where you had to eat in the basement because you were a woman. I went to university, and after that chances were I would still end up like my mother, in a kitchen. All these are much translated, a matter in which she takes great interest she is a formidable linguist.
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A S Byatt's feud with her sister Margaret Drabble goes on and on