Basic marketing plan cell phones essay

HTC can use its global presence to boost its brand in the U.

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To this end, the Lumia is built to have features that rival the Android operated systems and the iPhone operating system. In this regard, Nokia finds it difficult to keep up with the current trends as pertains to the development applications that are characteristic of competitors design.

Competitor Analysis As the market of today has been globalized, there are many brands that offer same type of products and compete against each other to gain share in the market.

Social and cultural environment There has been a trend in various places that Samsung produces the best smart phones.

Basic marketing plan cell phones essay

In the global dynamic economy, technology has developed more rapid than ever. HTC has significant market shares in all regions, which is what other smartphone hardware manufacturers like Nokia Group and Motorola Mobility, Inc. Recently, Samsung has considered the development of windows run smartphones having produced the first Samsung windows operating system phone in For instance, children will install more game apps on their iPhones while teenagers would install social media apps such as Facebook and the likes. Samsung Samsung is a South Korean multinational corporation with a wide range of electronic products. On the former, the merger between Microsoft and Nokia and later the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft is regarded as a move towards the right direction since it will enhance technical efficiency of the Lumia windows 8 software. To deliver on the promise of customer satisfaction in terms of convenience through connectivity the company has made it its mission to invest in futuristic technologies. The aim of Lumia in its positioning is to provide a product a product that meets the needs and expectations of the customer to their satisfaction levels Singh, For over seventy years Samsung has been improving the lives of its employees, its customers, and the world. Retrieved 11 12, , from microsoft. It is a good option if you want to get a cheap 3G handset. With the advent of 4G, everything is faster. For instance, it has been subjected to copyright law suit. This paper is divided into various sections, the structure of the paper is as illustrated below: The first part of the paper is a background establishment of the plan development on the Lumia brand of products.

The Samsung family is not only on the cutting edge of technology, but we are also one of the global leaders in environmentally safe and ecologically sound business practices. Apple will continue to defend its share of the smartphone market because of its large and loyal customer base.

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Physical Therapy, 33 10 , Subsequently, it also details a review on the competitiveness of the Lumia brand of phones in the smart phones market in general drawing analysis from market performance of the Lumia in comparison to competitor brands. Samsung has strongly focused on its quality. For example Lumia can employ focus such that its product is offered to a specific segment of the market or choose to focus on the industry where the product is provided to all and sundry. Positive and Negative Effects of Mobile Phones for Teenagers words - 4 pages Mobile phone is a device which allows its user to make and receive telephone calls to and from the public telephone network which includes other mobile phones and fixed line phones all around the world The use of cell phones has dramatically became a new age of convenience for billions of people around the world. Technological environment Samsung is ranked as one of the most innovative companies. HTC also has a wide price variety that makes its products available to different social classes. Hence, the partnership with Microsoft that eventually led to the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft is driven by the commitment of the company to provide its customers with the most efficient and quality services Mata,

The likes of the Blackberry, iPhone and HTC are increasingly developing their brands to be appealing to clientele. Motorola Mobility generates about two-thirds of their total revenues in the U.

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Here at Samsung we have hired experts from around the globe to help us advance our technology and to help us become the number one electronics manufacturer on the planet. With the rise of the smartphone age, privacy concerns are also increasing among the public.

Further, the analysis also delves into the strategic goals set by the organization Nokia in conjunction with Microsoft in the development of the Lumia bran of smartphone.

Mobile phones have become one important part of a teenager's life. Leadership in the Mobile Smartphone Market.

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The paper has four sections.

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