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Policy Profiteers — This sales team knows how to make a profit from any company policy, end the most rigorous ones. Headmen — After the super villains from the Marvel comics.

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Sales Strategists — They never try to sell anything without a plan. The Revolution Starters — Bringing a change to the world.

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Out On Lunch — This sales team are known for having super long lunch breaks. Advil — Wordplay on anvil and advertising. Desk Demons — Working so hard you never see them leave their desk.

Even if you use a crowdsourcing site, you will need ideas to work with as part of your brand description and vision.

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The Cash Cows — Every lead is worth a million bucks to this sales team. Wheeler Dealers — Perfect for a sales team working with cars. The Brain Trust — Always the smartest guys in the room. The Irrelevants — No one really knows what they do. More from Inc. Run your potential names by business partners, colleagues, friends and family to get their input and follow these tips for naming your business to make the best decision possible. Easy Money — They find making sales a little too easy. Get Started Getting started on naming your event planning company To guide your brainstorming, answer these three questions first.

Customer Support Heroes — Clients have never been happier. Sell It All — This sales team is not afraid to work 24 hours straight to get everything sold. The Generals — They make sales with military precision.

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Names Ideas for an Event Planning business