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Causal-Comparative research Causal-Comparative research is a method based on comparison. In this show, the senior management of a large organisation works in his own company as a regular employee to understand what improvements can be done, what is the culture in the organisation and to identify hard working employees and to reward them.

Businesses can choose between a variety of research methods to achieve these ends. It was seen that certain colors like red or yellow increase hunger.

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Such a study can be done to analyse the changes in the group of people from the rural areas when they are provided with good educational facilities and before that. Sources for data include government bodies, educational organizations like trade schools or universities, industry periodicals and newspaper reports.

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Interviews Interviews are somewhat similar to surveys, like sometimes they may have the same questions used. While these are not authoritative or objective sources, public opinion can be of great help to businesses that pay attention and learn from comments relevant to their industry.

Think of it as testing footholds and anchors before scaling a mountain.

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Blind faith can cost you everything if you take the wrong steps, but moving forward with pragmatism and foresight can take you to the summit. In-house business research can enable the senior management to build an effective team or train or mentor, when needed.

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What is research methodology? definition and meaning