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This sparked her interest in astronomy. In her career, Payne made more than 1, observations. It might be difficult to do as well as that now!

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Issue Section:. He proposed her for RAS membership and he provided her with a favourable letter of introduction to Harlow Shapley in , it being a full year since she had met him in London. For her PhD, Payne measured the absorption lines in stellar spectra for two years before starting to write the thesis. She was moved by his story, and, after returning home, she worked hard to get him a visa as a stateless person. Numerous books by one or the other, or by both, were produced, as well as annual lists of papers published. Facts Matter. She published her conclusions in her second book, Stars of High Luminosity This included the beginnings of commercial aviation. Payne realized that her only career option in the U. Advanced Search Abstract I present here a review of the career of one of the 20th century's most important astronomers, who succeeded in working at the forefront of astrophysics. His lecture was an observation of the Theory of General Relativity by Einstein.

Thus, her thesis established that hydrogen was the overwhelming constituent of the stars see Metallicityand accordingly was the most abundant element in the Universe. Seeing Payne-Gaposchkin's research published in this way convinced Feynman that she could, in fact, follow her scientific passions.

The reversing-layer concept collapsed in principle around on the basis that the limb-darkening of the Sun would be quite different from that observed.

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His lecture was an observation of the Theory of General Relativity by Einstein. She had a very retentive memory.

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Cecilia Payne: Discoverer of the Chemical Makeup of Stars