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Objectives Increase revenue from the sales of cocoa beans and its derivative products to N over 2 years. Asides this, note that cocoa will not do well in areas lacking adequate rainfall, cocoa is very sensitive to lack of water.

Ensuring an efficient and highly motivated distribution team. The largest cost element in both establishing and maintaining a plantation is labor. The following are the main pests and diseases found in cocoa cultivation. Make sure to harvest at regular intervals of 10 days.

For instance, at least 10 to 20 acres of land can be maintained by oneself, in the sense that labourers will be employed alongside the farmer to clear the land on a daily basis. Afterwards pod breaking should take place; in this you may get 30 to 35 wet cocoa beans per each pod.

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Farmer removes the beans from the pods, packs them into boxes or heaps them into piles, then covers them with mats or banana leaves for three to seven days. Cocoa needs a land with abundance of nutrients.

Cocoa plantation in andhra pradesh

Sometimes, growers put banana trees or taros into the cocoa plantation, to give shade for the young cocoa trees. I might not be able to name an exact startup capital, as we cocoa farmer especially, love ourselves in the sense that we can afford to give out cocoa pods for free to new entrants who want to plant — I have severally done this for numbers of people. Cocoa crops will always need a cover from direct sunlight, so when getting a land for your cultivation please ensure this is one of your major considerations. He is our business development strategist and a strategic partner. With proper care, cocoa trees begin to yield pods at peak production levels by the fifth year, and they can continue at this level for 10 years. The most commonly used method is seeding. Aides these, the soil must have good water retention capacity as well as a good drainage system, this is because cocoa plants are very sensitive to low water supply. Harvesting cocoa Before the oil boom in Nigeria, there was cocoa, which we banked on as one of our major cash crops exports. Nigeria has more land for cocoa probably than for rice farming since the international demand for cocoa produce is high, it makes simple business sense to get into a business where demand greatly surpasses supply, as it means that every product cultivated has a ready market. It is also the most expensive breed. Planting and Spacing in Cocoa Cultivation Cocoa plantation depends on cultivar and method adopted. These fertilizers should be applied in 2 equal split doses one in Apr-May other in Aug-Sep. Tree cuttings should be taken with five leaves and at least two buds.

There is however poor price transmission between export markets and producers. About pricing, the international market determines the price of cocoa, as market often fluctuates in the international market. The turnover profit on cocoa cannot be compared with other agriculture business like vegetable farming.

Cocoa farming proposal

Planting Material Selection in Cocoa Cultivation Selection of good and healthy planting material is very important in any commercial crop farming. Fair and best possible prices and discount offers. The venture can be quite capital intensive and you would not want to lose your hard earned capital carrying out the wrong processes, ensure you seek the advice of a professional in the cocoa field before venturing out. Other products and services include cocoa powder, cocoa tea, cocoa butter, etc. The seeds need to be dried in the sun to be usable and the drying period usually takes two weeks. By the s there were two major varieties of cocoa nuts available, one was imported from Trinidad. Criollo is still largely regarded as a luxury cocoa, a reason for this could be that Criollo is a more susceptible variety of cocoa to various diseases the others.

Efficient and strong distribution network.

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