Comparison and contrast between early china

But the administrative approach in China is very similar compare the ancient days. Just years earlier in approximately B.

How were the ancient civilizations of egypt and china similar?

Also, I think it is important to keep the good traditional rituals and ceremonies, because those are the cultural essences of the country. But they could never have overcome the 8,kilometer distance between China and Egypt. The Egyptians practiced tahtib, a form of stick fighting. However, this does not mean China and Egypt were in a constant state of starvation. Which one is better? Both civilizations are from prehistory and have a great deal of identity and culture. The silk roads also gave birth to the religious preference of China when Buddhism branched off of Hinduism. The geography of the region played a huge role in the way the inhabitants and civilization in general was formed. Unlike ancient China, where almost a different writing script was used among each social class, simplified Chinese is the only writing script used in modern China. Brahmins or priests would control what tasks caste groups had. The art reflects this since Egyptian art shows specific divine scenes, while Chinese art was made to be put to use, not just to show.

One was to maintain the racial purity of the Aryans and the second was the need to explain and justify the various economic distinctions that seem omnipresent in any agricultural society.

It shows the strong difference between the ancient style building and the modern style building, it makes them look like two completely different cities.

what was one similarity between the ancient civilizations of egypt and china

However, if one looks deeper, he will see that the similarities are also embedded in how these governments were rationalized and sustained. This fertile silt enabled Egyptians to grow crops for food, and the river itself provided water transportation between Upper and Lower Egypt.

These civilizations showed specific similarities and contrasting differences. Egyptian emphasis on stability was reflected in their view of a changeless afterlife, suggesting a conscious attempt to argue that persistence was virtue.

I believe that Chinese communication and writing has become finer through the development of time, evolving to become more advanced and sophisticated. They often used papyrus to write.

Similarities between china and egypt religion

Verbal language is heavily used to communicate and socialise between each other throughout both civilisations. As precious burial objects show, both societies developed very complex rites and funeral customs. Not only does Confucianism ensure loyalty of the people and government to an extent, but it also contributes to a further legitimisation to the centralization of power. In Egypt, the gods were straightforward, with each god having personalities and physical forms. In Egypt, the power of the pharaoh was legitimized by divine means, since to the Egyptian people, he was a godlike figure. This book of the dead that once belonged to Ta-remetch-en-Bastet of the early Ptolemy Period is also part of the exhibition. The Mandate of Heaven stated that the power of the Emperor came from the heavens, and not from the people, leading to an authoritative rule. India become the melting pot of different cultures and values, however, India was very acceptant of the diversity. These women of ancient civilizations have led us to the roles of women in our society today. If the Egyptian people did not clock the flooding of the Nile correctly, all of their crops could be ruined and result in a huge famine over Related Documents Essay Ancient Egypt And Ancient Mesopotamia Ancient Egypt and ancient Mesopotamia are both examples of cultures that performed sexual acts as a form of worship. It's the protective symbol of Horus, the god of light. Not only did these religious arts help enforce the stability of the kingdoms, which was vital to their survival, but they also preserved culture in a way that distinguished themselves from others, preventing a cultural takeover.

Medicine The ancient Egyptians believed that most non-physical ailments were caused by spells and curses.

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Comparing the dynamics of the development of civilization in China and India