Csr in bangladesh

Still, there are CSR issues that cut across the major global models, like human rights, labour standards, and environmental issues.

Companies can contribute to social and environmental objectives, through integrating CSR as a strategic investment into their core business strategy, management instruments and operations. Because, being a part of the global market, it is difficult to ignore CSR standard specifically in the export sector.

In the context of Bangladesh, it is more relevant for the export-oriented industry. Recently, the RMG sector employees have been carrying out their movement to establish their rights. Moreover, most of the small and medium enterprises SMEs fall under the informal sector having low management structure and resources to address the social and environmental issues.

Many industrial units run with half-century old machinery producing fatal air, soil and water pollutions. The Institute promotes issues of importance to the private sector and seeks to initiate essential measures and influence policy for the development of a market-oriented economy.

corporate social responsibility of commercial bank in bangladesh

One of the reasons for the rare unionisation of workplaces in Bangladesh is that neither management nor workers know the positive role of trade unions.

One is that CSR is not about philanthropy or charitable work. It refers to something much more fundamental.

Csr in bangladesh

They are also equally instrumental for better local acceptability on the part of businesses. This is an investment, not a cost, much like quality management.

csr activities of rmg sector in bangladesh
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Report published on CSR in Bangladesh