Digital equipment corporation case study

Digital equipment corporation case study

Some models supported separate instruction and data spaces for an effective virtual address size of kB within a physical address size of up to 4 MB. The combination of architectural innovations proved superior to competitors and the "11" architecture was soon the industry leader, propelling DEC back to a strong market position.

The last internally developed disk drive family RA9x series used plated media, departing from the HDD industry trend to carbon overcoated sputtered media.

DOS was the PDP's first disk operating system, but was soon supplanted by more capable systems. Today, Christensen's ideas are well-known --and managers in established companies as a result have a much better awareness of the potential for disruptive innovation to affect their businesses.

The PDP-7 was introduced in Decemberand about were eventually produced. With the company established and a successful product on the market, DEC turned its attention to the computer market once again as part of its planned "Phase II". In total, aroundPDPs of all models were sold. It so simplified the design of a computer that Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs could just slap one together in a garage.

According to the limited information available, they used it to process radar cross section data for the Lockheed A reconnaissance aircraft.

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The story of Digital Equipment Corp. In order to test their new circuitry, they first built a small bit machine known as TX-0which first ran in But he was also a personal titan to most of the employees at the company he co-founded in Maynard, Digital Equipment Corp.

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History of Digital Equipment Corporation