Employee and employer rights and responsibilities essay

Employee and employer rights and responsibilities essay

Under the provisions of these laws, employee rights are protected and upon Protection of maternity Legal notice , , Urgent family leave Legal Notice , , Parental leave Legal notice , words - 5 pages an agreement and continuous communication there is little room for disputes, which is better for both the employee and employer. These documents should be annotated to highlight the relevant sections. Note that employers can pay employees a sum of money instead of giving the notice. After the meeting your employer should, without unreasonable delay, write to you with their decision. The failure of following the Health and Safety Act may mean that the organisation has broken the law which can cause fines, closures or prison sentence. If any problems arise, a more detailed recap may be required. Explain the benefits of making sure equality and diversity procedures are followed in a business environment.

Identify employer and employee responsibilities for health and safety. Fire wardens and others staff have the responsibility to walk their floor to ensure that there is no body remaining within their area including toilets and any area not directly in view.

They should set out, where appropriate, what action they intend to take to resolve the grievance.

employee rights and responsibilities

Employees responsibilities: Following organisation provisions relating to equality and diversity Treating colleagues with respect 6. Your employer should arrange an initial meeting to discuss your grievance. Identify two different methods that you can use to plan your own work in a business environment.

Discuss the various employees employer rights and responsibilities

The ADCQ can provide detailed information and can help with the development and implementation of appropriate anti-discrimination policies and practices. The ADCQ employs conciliators to help with the complaint process. One employer-employee relationship example illustrates how personal interests can require the intervention of employment Legal Process words - 4 pages John is an employee in a private sector organization who wants to file a discrimination complaint against his employer. Anything which jeopardizes this environment will violate that employee's Similar Essays Ethical Issue Of Employer And Employee Rights words - 5 pages uncooperative with marketing. The key facts are the terms of Nancy Smith's employment and the ethical aspects of company's human resource. They utilise a variety of teaching methods and programmes of study to cater for the needs of the individual pupil and where appropriate formulate I. You should give at least two employer responsibilities and two employee responsibilities.

Robert M. Employees have the responsibilities of do their job follow the terms and condition of the contract, Uphold the business aims and objectives, they must follow the business rules, they need to wear appropriate clothing, respecting facilities and equipment, and they need to respect other staff, customers and visitors.

Duties of an employer

To minimize such vicarious liability reasonable steps must be taken to prevent age discrimination. You will also receive information to read and sign declaring your acceptance of the rules concerning legal matters, including such topics as health and safety, discrimination in the workplace, redundancy, dismissal, disciplinary procedures, union rights and consultation. S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and proceeds through the civil litigation process Protected Employees words - 4 pages religion. Employers have to insure under the Health and Safety at work etc Act the health, safety and welfare of their workers and other people who might be affected by their business. Employers must treat their employees with respect. Part of this obligation requires that employees must not disclose any confidential information to any person outside the Council. Employees must observe safety rules and codes of practice for safety and use appropriate safety clothing and equipment as required.

There are several employee's right issues at workplaces; among which, one of the biggest issue of employees is their uncertainty towards their length of work employment. The essay question thus becomes concerned with how employment law can enable two components of society to mutually satisfy their interests while maintaining consistency with, and enabling the interest of the wider social framework within which they both exist.

Responsibilities of employees in a business

Whilst on duty, no employee should be under the influence of alcohol or drugs to a degree that causes inability to perform work satisfactorily or safely. The ADCQ can provide detailed information and can help with the development and implementation of appropriate anti-discrimination policies and practices. Probably the most obvious illustration of the balance of interests is the legal provisions surrounding contracts of employment, the tool of employment law regulating the relationship between employers and employees. If these details are wrong this can cause big problems for the restaurant and dissatisfied guests. Employee right Employees have the right of work maximum of 1, hours over days in any year. The overall benefit of this form of regulation is that activities of employers are consistent with societal norms; employers are protected from inadvertently engaging in illegal activities, a protection that extends to its employees. Conciliators are impartial and do not take sides, impose a settlement or decide guilt or innocence. In a related context, laws of all sovereign states prohibit Personal Protection Companies from providing their services to fugitives meaning these companies cannot recruit employees for the same task. Report to the employer any defect in noise control equipment or personal hearing protector. These rights and responsibilities relate to health and safety, equal opportunities, privacy, and job security. Available on line www. Identify employer and employee responsibilities for health and safety.
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Rights and Responsibilities of Employers and Employees