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In battle many militiamen never lived to crucial Step Forty-three: "Give fire breast high.

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Richard R. In Junea few Wampanoags looted and burned several abandoned buildings in a frontier community.

for the common defense: a military history of the united states from 1607 to 2012, 3rd edition

Each chapter covers a specific range of American military history. The chain of events precipitating the rebellion would make good comic opera, had the results not been so lethal. Forts often created more problems than they solved; the wooden structures decayed, they were expensive to build and maintain, garrison troops inevitably suffered from low morale, and perhaps most importantly, Indians easily infiltrated between the forts.

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First, unlike European nations the colonies did not develop professional armies, instead relying on a militia system During the Indian wars from tocolonists gained confidence in, and glorified, this system, believing that citizen-soldiers defending their homes were far superior to an army of mercenaries.

Supplementing the peacetime common militia, from which authorities organized wartime expeditions through a quota system, were volunteer militia units, garrison troops and rangers, and volunteer companies completely outside the militia framework.

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For the Common Defense: A Military History of the United States of America by Allan R. Millett