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Their subplot takes place back in the classroom with Feeny—which may have been better suited as the main storyline.

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How beautiful is that gif? Ivens has had a decent acting career, including a starring role on All My Children, and the obvious highlight is her role on the TV movie "Piranhaconda", which can't possibly be anything less than fantastic.

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Eric goes to Tori for an explanation and finds out Tori had filled in the answers. So nuts to you, you jerks! Maybe he just works a bunch of jobs. Shawn: Oh please. Aug 1, Getty Images Girl Meets World has borrowed a ton of story lines from its predecessor, Boy Meets World, but one that's definitely brand new is the love triangle between Riley, Lucas, and Maya that's been raging since season two. And the worst part is that he never learns his lesson. That's basically a tagline for the entire series. He quickly becomes manipulative, controlling everything in the apartment to torture his female roommate. Jack then tells Rachel to save a seat for him on the boat that she's riding, and that he is also giving up his wealthy stepfather's money, much to Chet's detriment. Feeny and Alan played. That's when Lucas asks Riley to be his girlfriend by presenting her with the jelly bean that helped him realize he liked her and only her seriously, a jelly bean , and it was the most romantic moment EVER. Eric does his own take on The Truman Show, where he sets up a camera in his apartment in order to become more popular, but all anyone wants to watch is Rachel. It's lovely and inspiring without being cheesy or cliche. After the test, Eric goes home and his parents, having found out from Mr. You take all the fun out of sneezing!

But the best example of this is when he and Shawn turn a fun prank war into a reputation destroying scandal. In this one, Cory is having a recurring dream that he kills Shawn.

Later, Eric then goes to Mr.

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Eternal Splendor Jason tries to flirt with her, but she ain't havin it. On the other hand, when Eric comes in for his session, Torie gets a bad case of the flirty flirts and suggests they go somewhere more comfortable.

Girl meets world quiz cheats

This sets the premise for the Ericlogue, and this might be the first time Eric's education has been central to the plot.

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15 Reasons Why Cory Matthews Was The Worst In 'Boy Meets World'