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IDs It's hard to say without seeing the real website, but I have a feeling that these areas like "contact area" and "portfolio" are totally unique areas on the page, not things that are repeated more than once.

He wanted to use Ajax to start the process as well as incrementally display its output, line-by-line, on the same web page. No unneccesary classes and anchor links that are same-page links to the appropriate content.

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The problem is that it won't quite work in this scenario, because at the time the link is clicked the element to scroll to is actually hidden. A way to navigate backwards and forwards through each question using the visible markers.

A way to allow the user to select only one of multiple answers to a question. We already created visible markers using links with some styling in the Quiz Layout lesson. Deciphering Our Highlighted Action Points Ok, let's go through our highlighted action points and sketch and see what we can glean from these for our layout.

Jquery framework

Once you see this all working press the. Doable, but janky. Within the function we handle the visible markers the user sees for the next and previous quiz questions as well as a marker that is using a different class for the final quiz question. March 25th Tweet This Angular like most of nowadays fronted frameworks, works on higher level of abstraction than plain JavaScript is operating on. We already created visible markers using links with some styling in the Quiz Layout lesson. This way we can ensure all questions for the quiz have been answered. Rod asked me to help him get his web app working and train him on what I did to get it working.

The href attribute for those anchor links in the navigation are like " Contact", which is exactly what we need as a selector string to find that element.

A score to show the user when the quiz has completed.

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Quiz Layout Sketch The first thing to do is draw a rough sketch of how we want the quiz to look, incorporating the information from action points 1, 4, and 6 above which all have to do with the presentation.

It's not until the slideToggle is done where the element is unhidden and at it's final size. A way to present the questions and possible answers to a question one at a time.

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Wrap any jQuery plugin with Angular 2 component