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The app is quite engaging and includes both letter names and sounds modes, six interactive games, and a fun alphabet song. Or, ask your child to name a letter, when he does, write the letter, and draw something amusing that begins with that letter e.

In the Montessori method, you teach letters to a child in the 3-period lesson.

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You will need Do a Dot Markers or dot stickers to fill in the circles. We particularly love the Trace and Type modes, though the robot alphabet song is lots of fun, too. It's important to understand why your child has no "interest". The word cat is spelled show C-A-T.

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At an opportune time, you can go back to the story with your child Remember we read about the Cat in the Hat last night? Print Jan 01, When choosing apps for my daughters, my first question is always the same: Is it educational?

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5 Ways to Teach the Alphabet