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Her daughter and daughters' companions are stereotypical hippies of the time. Update this section! Jones has Laurence omit several passages where Morag agonizes about being unable to write.

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Toronto: ECW Press, Discovering her own voice as a woman writer is the process Laurence recreates in The Diviners. Christie and Prin provide Morag with a room of her own where she can write herself to sleep when attacked by a spell of the Hill Street blues, because Christie teaches her how to transform garbage into gold.

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Parts of the novel just seem too made-up. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, Morag reports for the Manawaka Banner, recalling the Neepawa Banner, where Laurence worked before she ultimately graduated to the Winnipeg Citizen. Winnipeg: Turnstone Press, The novel follows them on the sea journey to Hudson Bay, through that winter at Churchill and then on the long walk to York Factory in the spring The ones who eat only out of tins. Like Laurence, she is writing her fifth and final novel. Rivers , horses , ships , hunting , legends, myths See Oral Literature in English , folklore , soldiers, battles, poetry , ballads , art , preaching, water divining, garbage , gardening and weeds figure prominently in The Diviners, along with more recognizably feminine and writerly motifs such as sexuality, mothers and daughters, domesticity, menopause, publishing and the muse. Rather, writing just happens to be the profession of the characters who are engaged in more important issues of life. The thing is though, while these may feature writers, they are not about the writers trying to write.

I tell you, girl, they're close as clams and twice as brainless. Gunn is shown to be thoroughly human—not a saint, but not a villain either.

This leaves her with new myths to help her understand her plight. Not always though.

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The Diviners by Margaret Laurence