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It is a necessary and critical strategy for academic reading for the following reasons: You read as if you were going to be tested on it immediately upon completion.

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These discussions can also serve as a reality check. If you are a student, think about the subjects in which you excel. I will start to make a family and planned to have 2 children which are a boy and a girl. And if you have a highly engaging reading assignment, such as a novel you cannot put down, you may be able to read lengthy passages in one sitting. Teachers may set aside some class time for reading and reviewing the material in depth. I do my best to keep my grades up, because I know that they will help me into college. Identify your strengths and talents. This involves both managing your time and setting a clear purpose for your reading.

Educational pursuits, career aspirations, recreational interests, marital life, children and end-of-life preferences are common subjects to address in a life plan. If you are sincerely trying to keep up with the course reading but feel like you are in over your head, seek help.

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These are aspects of life that give you joy. Describe-how you will work? She was pleased to have earned a high grade in one of the required courses for her major. Introduction to Academic Writing 1. Tip Students are often reluctant to seek help. And it is difficult, if not impossible, to write effectively about a text that you have not understood. What changes do you think you might have to make in your life to ensure your success in a post-secondary learning environment?

Using the SQ3R Strategy Another strategy you can use to become a more active, engaged reader is SQ3R, which is a step-by-step process to follow before, during, and after reading. How does this assignment relate to other course readings or to concepts discussed in class?

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Describe-how you will work? By making connections, you will increase your concentration and confidence in being able to discuss and evaluate what you read.

I have a major fear of failure, and I won't let it get to me. Tip Students are often reluctant to seek help.

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Discussion 1 With your group, discuss the following issues and questions: Introduce yourself: Who are you? Examine the details of your life plan. Hard news articles in newspapers present the gist of the news story in the lead paragraph, while subsequent paragraphs present increasingly general details. You will be expected to come to class with a basic understanding of the material. Being healthy and fit is one example. Matching instructor expectations: Instructors are usually seeking deeper understanding as well as basic memory of concepts. The first step in handling your reading successfully is planning. By the time I get this degree, I will be around 28, so I hope that it will all be worth it. If you cannot answer a question, try to determine why. Outside of creative writing courses, most writing assignments are expository. Why are you taking the course? A good introductory writing course will help you swim. Even when a text does not have built-in comprehension features, you can actively monitor your own comprehension.

Being surrounded by loving and caring people may be one emotional need. However, for some reading assignments, you may be expected to form a general understanding but not necessarily master the content.

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