Performance appraisal in auto ancillary companies

We attempt in this paper to study such reasons of attrition. Factors like cost-effective and world-class technology from global leader Johnson Controls, strong brands, growth-hungry management and fast-expanding distribution network are the key positives. This approach not only motivates current performance but also assists the recruitment of current employees as qualified candidates for future positions Barr, Similarly, the dissatisfaction and its antecedents push the employee away from the existing organisations.

performance appraisal for production workers

Table 7 summarises the comparative rankings. Since a Bertha Benz Memorial Route commemorates this event. Dalton, D. The slowdown in Europe and the US in the first half of the year also hit the topline growth of auto ancillary companies which are big exporters ," says Surjit Arora, research analyst, auto, Prabhudas Lilladher.

Research is still dominated by thinking of influential theorist. Shukla; Straties Human Resource Management Bi-directional performance recognizes that for performance to improve, both manager and employee must receive feedback on how well they are fulfilling their obligations to their organizations and to each other.

The company is dealing with Yamaha Bike sales and service.

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Performance appraisal of 5 companies done by shweta