Pre-pharmacy college coursework

A general curriculum would include Chemistryeither Biology or Anatomy and PhysiologyMathematicsEnglish and various electives, which may include Physics or Anthropology. The program is offered in a few different ways across the country.

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Pharmacy college requirements

Gordon rule courses will not meet the English prerequisite requirement; English courses must be taken with the English Department at or above the level of English Composition or English Literature ESL courses will not be accepted. Colleges that do not offer this merged program may allow an undergraduate student to major or minor in Pre-Pharmacy. However, each situation is reviewed on an individual basis. No exceptions will be made to this policy. If the college or university offers less than a one-year course, the student must complete the second semester at another institution. If accepted, all students must complete the full four-year Pharm. Pre-Pharmacy Course Requirements Pre-Pharmacy Course Policies Admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program requires completion of a minimum of 64 semester hours of specific pre-pharmacy coursework.

It will be granted by the Admission Committee on a case by case basis. Our first preference is for physiology if a student is unable to take both anatomy and physiology. Applicants must successfully complete the pre-requisite course requirements by August 5th of the year they plan to enter.

See Physiology below. More information for applicants.

Pre pharmacy schools

Upper division course is preferred. IB coursework is accepted with a score of 4 or higher. It is highly recommended that international applicants apply as early as possible since it takes longer to complete a background check after admission. However, an AP score of 3, 4 or 5 may be used toward the first quarter or semester of a one-year series of pre-pharmacy courses, such as the first quarter or semester of general biology, statistics, chemistry or calculus. See Physiology below. The Director cannot tell someone what pre-requisites may be satisfied by foreign coursework unless they provide a copy of the WES evaluation. For more information about eligibility and application requirements, view our Application Guidelines for International Students. The program is offered in a few different ways across the country.

It is important to note that the MMI scenarios do not test for specific knowledge, but rather, are developed to offer a better representation and a more holistic view of an applicant by assessing their skills to react in the moment and navigate real-life situations.

Science courses chemistry, biology designed for non-science majors are not acceptable.

pharmacy courses requirements

The 6 hours of English coursework must be completed at a U. What if I took a prerequisite course several years ago? Taneja College of Pharmacy Bruce B. Transcript evaluations Contact us for transcript evaluations, course equivalencies, or to arrange a campus visit at pharmacy. To be eligible for admission, applicants must be a U.

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Prepharmacy College Degree Programs