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Lack of cooperation among parents of Child in Conflict with the Law 3. The interventions done to reduce crime should take a different form depending upon the II.

The local social welfare and development officer shall supervise the implementation of the diversion program.

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The period of prescription of the offense shall be suspended during the effectivity of the diversion program, but not exceeding a period of two 2 years. The exemption from criminal liability herein established does not include exemption from civil liability, which shall be enforced in accordance with existing laws.

Influence of the family and environment on the growth of the child and on family relationship. Determine if diversion is appropriate and desirable 31 Procedure.

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But appoint a duly licensed social worker as its local this will not influence the problems that may occur in social welfare and development officer tasked to the whole process of the justice system. The participation of children in the program and policy formulation and implementation related to juvenile justice and welfare shall be ensured by the concerned government agency. But there are senators who are backing the strong position of Duterte against crime and illegal drugs, including the death penalty — which is part of the juvenile justice bill filed in the House. Further statistics revealed that the natures of perform their noble task that is providing a safe place offenses committed were getting heavier and the ages of for every Filipino people or maintaining peace and the children getting involved in the commission of the order in our country. If we really want to prevent children from getting into crime, RA should be fully and properly implemented. The acceptance shall be in writing and signed by the parties concerned and the appropriate authorities. Title IV, Sec 20 is greater than the critical value of 3. If they get a court clearance, they would still be cleared. It is recommended thus the null hypothesis is rejected. Yung batang malalaki at matatanda maa-abuse physically at sexually yung batang maliliit. In illegal behavior. Come up with a system of monitoring compliance of CICL and his parents to the diversion contract. Inability of child's parents or guardian, social worker, or legal counsel during custodial 3. In all other cases and whenever possible, detention pending trial may be replaced by alternative measures, such as close supervision, intensive care or placement with a family or in an educational setting or home.

Come up with a system of monitoring compliance of CICL and his parents to the diversion contract. Foremost problems that Batangas City significant difference of the responses of the three Police encountered in the process of implementation are groups of respondents with respect to: the status of insufficient knowledge of the child and lack of implementation of RA ; problems encountered by cooperation among parents of the child in conflict with the three groups of respondents; implications of the law.

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