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Belmont: Wardsworth, Cengage Learning. It is an opinion, conception, or image we hold about a race, or group of people There seems to be a three-dimensional characteristics in the characters played. There are at least three reasons which I suppose have contributed to stereotypes, racism and sexism. From the time the movie starts to the time the movie ends, there is racism covered. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Crash presents the socio economic lifestyle between Rick and Anthony, and how it is influenced by their race, their appearance and dress. This movie was held on Saturday, the 20th of September and lasted for 2 hours, from 9 am till 11am. Bjorklund and Helen L. The film begins on the aftermath of a traffic accident, which finally turns out into a clash between several people of different backgrounds. They are quite normal because everybody is so different. He does this by making the plot of his movie center around several characters with different backgrounds, occupations, and ethnicities. In this case, white people are racist towards the black people. The movie attempts to end in an optimistic note and points to the need of proper education.

He only pulled them over because of their race, religion, and gender. There seems to be a three-dimensional characteristics in the characters played.

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The movie points towards the importance of coming out of your comfort zone to be in the lives of other people to become more like them.

John is the cop who is racist against all black people and sexually assaults Christine in front of her husband. Rick is a white man, that dress up with elegant suits and transport in a wagon Anthony is an Afro-American, he dresses with width clothes and people discriminate him because of his appearance.

This happens every day and will continue to happen so long as these different and mixed ethnicities continue to be diverse.

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Crash is a movie that really gets people to look at their own prejudices and to the roots of their morality by showing the hidden racism and prejudices that are very present in our society and even in ourselves today Haggis knew that writing Crash would be a particularly large risk for him because of its strong racial content and violence, but he fought for its right to be a film and a conversation starter.

The result is a movie of intense fascination; we understand quickly enough who the characters are and what their lives are like, but we have no idea how they will behave, because so much depends on accident Irenea BSIT Every human has a responsibility to protect nature, so I make it a point to fulfill this by doing little things that could somehow help in reserving our natural resources.

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The movie depicts that everyone has demons regardless of race, job title, or age.

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