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Robinson claims that every education system on earth would have the same hierarchy of subjects: Mathematics and languages are rated higher than humanities, and to the humanities is given more importance than to the arts. Ken Robinson said: Every education system on Earth has the same hierarchy of subjects.

Ken Robinson refers to Shakespeare as an example and indirectly says his school would not have recognized his talents. We know three things about intelligence.

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Appreciate them to pursue the work of their interest, develop their talent and build a creative portfolio. When I was a student, if you had a degree, you had a job. And the result is that we are educating people out of their creative capacities.

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Finland has consistently high standards of achievement on all international measures, but there is no standardized testing apart from a single examination at the end of high school. He was really upset on the plane. Laughter But now kids with degrees are often heading home to carry on playing video games, because you need an MA where the previous job required a BA, and now you need a PhD for the other. He'd known her for a month. Laughter Actually, we lived in a place called Snitterfield, just outside Stratford, which is where Shakespeare's father was born. We walked in this room, and it was full of people like me — people who couldn't sit still, people who had to move to think. At the top are mathematics and languages, then the humanities. So, this oak-paneled room, and she was there with her mother, and she was led and sat on this chair at the end, and she sat on her hands for 20 minutes, while this man talked to her mother about all the problems Gillian was having at school, because she was disturbing people, her homework was always late, and so on. At the bottom are the arts.

He pleads for a radical rethink of our school system. To develop creative people, we have to rethink the fundamental principles underlying the way we educate our children. Advice them that making mistakes are completely normal, but they could turn them into learning opportunity.

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This phrase is used on processes and how they develop, turnout, unfold, take place etc.

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Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?