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While wearing rubber gloves, squirt dye directly onto the fabric in thirds, so that each color takes up two of the six wedges.

It has been suggested that these African techniques were the inspiration for the tie-dyed garments identified with hippie fashion. The areas of the fabric that are against the core or under the binding would remain undyed.

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However, vat dyes, and especially indigo, must be treated after dyeing by 'soaping' to prevent the dye from rubbing crocking off. Africa[ edit ] Tie-dye techniques have also been used for centuries [11] [12] in the Hausa region of West Africa , with renowned indigo dye pits located in and around Kano , Nigeria. Make sure not to overdo it or risk losing that tie dye texture. Pop it in the dryer to further lock in color. Most tie-dyes are now dyed with Procion MX fiber reactive dyes , a class of dyes effective on cellulose fibers such as cotton, hemp, rayon, and linen. Prepare the dyes according to the directions on each bottle. Tie dying your hands might sound cool, but any contact of skin with chemicals—even if non-toxic—is never a good idea. Add one color of ink on one side of the shirt. Ikat is a method of tie-dyeing the warp or weft before the cloth is woven. Definitely not groovy. Although the process is closer to paper marbling , in the accompanying narrative, the travelers claim credit for inventing tie-dyeing. Mudmee tie-dye originates in Thailand and neighboring part of Laos.

Moskell likes using a baking sheet to catch the extra liquid, and puts her garment atop a plastic rack — hers is a repurposed perforated drawer organizer — for more precise application and less mess.

Some dye kits come with them already, but if not, grab some on your own. While the shirts are soaking, start mixing together the dyes in their separate buckets. Wrap them so the bands intersect in the center, dividing the shirt into six wedge-like triangles.

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This ensures that any potential oils, dirts, or other chemicals that may resist the dye are completely washed out. By pinching the fabric around certain areas and tying the rubber band around it—or adding string, marbles or coins to create even more fun effects—you can design a tie dye masterpiece.

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