To use or not to use

when not to use that

Our findings provide evidence to support our previous study, which showed that the App-generated parameters were more associated with the App-assisted diagnosis than with the diagnostic interview alone. When NOT to use an apostrophe The most common apostrophe error is the addition of an apostrophe where one is not needed.

When to use is and are correctly

Milk is often added to tea in England. Keep in mind that length is not a factor in determining when to use the comma before a coordinating conjunction. We went to the Louvre and saw the Mona Lisa. The Similarity Index investigates the craving to use the smartphone by assessing the reciprocity of a non-use epoch with its successive three use epochs. We knew the roads were becoming treacherous yet we dreaded having to announce that schools would be closed the next day. The class's average grade was impressive. Use the before superlatives and ordinal numbers. We knew the roads were becoming treacherous yet dreaded having to announce that schools would be closed the next day. English uses many words of Latin origin. There are three fundamental App-generated parameters, use frequency, use duration and use-median. An independent clause—also known as a main clause—is a group of words that has a subject and a verb and can stand alone as a sentence.

We used a similar definition of use parameters to calculate the average daily non-use frequency, non-use duration and non-use-median parameters Figure 1. The practical point was this.

Full size image Figure 2b shows the algorithm used for the Similarity Index. Smartphone use, unlike substance use, is not a problematic behavior in and of itself.

To use or not to use

Second, we did not actually exclude sleeping time in the present study. For example: Don't forget to vote! This is a painting from the 's. We ate at the Golden Lion. The dog pulled on its leash. Our ship crossed the Atlantic in 7 days. All criteria were assessed in two ways: 1 using both the App-generated parameters and the psychiatrists' diagnostic interviews for the diagnosis and 2 using solely the psychiatrists' diagnostic interviews for the diagnosis. In a decision in January in the IPCom v. Do not use the with the names of languages. He's just returned from Zimbabwe. As Merial had no intention of making direct use of the Table, the Judge ordered a simple practical step that all copies of the Table be collected up and returned to Omnipharm. If the noun is singular and ends in -s, add -'s, as in the following examples: My boss's job at the bank was eliminated due to budget cuts. Notice in the next example that we do not use a comma before and because it does not join two independent clauses but merely joins two verbs: Miguel took piano lessons for sixteen years and today is an accomplished performer. For example, who's, what's, where's, there's, he's, she's, etc. Thus, more representative indicators of impaired control than just excessive use not only allow a more accurate diagnosis, but also have the potential to distinguish behavior or substance addiction from normal use.

Mr Justice Floyd was required to construe the terms of a confidentiality agreement entered into for the purpose of the claim for a declaration of non-infringement under UK Patents Act s Examples We went on a walk in the forest yesterday. Smartphone addicts were individuals who presented with three or more symptoms in criterion A, and met the functional impairment criterion.

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We also used the App-generated parameters to assist with diagnosis.

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How to Use Apostrophes