Water in architecture and spaces

Water in architecture and spaces

Urban expansion is an issue of serious concern and is often used as a justification for densification. Since the late s, the river Thames provided the main impetus for developing the Paddington Basin, The Docklands and the Thames Barrier Park, regenerating some of the most deprived parts of the city and attracting high profile capital investors. File under Construction "The architect is today something like a water dowser: s he must succeed in finding resources and energy flows buried deep down in the ground, invisible from above. The urban population is expected to double from 2 to 4 billion over the next 30 to 35 years. Lohrer, A. The Eiland Veur Lent project in Nijmegen, The Netherlands Web-1 , currently under construction, includes a major dyke relocation and new flood-relief channel to reduce flood-risk and support urban growth in Lent. Three falls consisting of approximately 27 to 36 metre-high scaffolding poles were installed in sites along the East River, viewable from Lower Manhattan. These pose new challenges for the way in which we design our cities of the future. Hence, contemporary architecture generally shows univocal and sectorial approaches towards water as a theme for design, exploiting this material because of its instrumental value, or enhancing its aesthetical features or focusing on water as an environmental resource to manage at different scales. Initially, industrial ports were gateway destinations where the movement and exchange of goods were facilitated and urban services developed to promote maritime trade. The installation intends to be a reflection about the transition that changes public space from being the background of private encounters and individual moments to being the scene of public events and collective representations. Spring water is also venerated.

Water sensitive urban design: principles and inspirations for sustainable stormwater management in the city of the future, Jovis, Berlin. Embedding the plant below ground sets the treatment process below lake level, allowing the water filtration to be gravity-driven, thus obviating the need for energy-consuming pumps.

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Inthe city built a seawall of some 10 metres height to protect its urban core from unpredictable water level fluctuations. In areas of North Africa and the Middle East where access to safe drinking water is scarce, waterfront vitality is continually challenged by social deprivation and physical dereliction.

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Land reclamation, the digging of new artificial canals and ponds have acquired a fundamental role Daglio, in drawing the unrestrained growth of the Emirates metropolis before the last economic crises. Urban planning on the other hand is relatively static. The question arises of how we can dampen this increasing trend of flood vulnerability. Water and architecture, Thames and Hudson, London. Hence, contemporary architecture generally shows univocal and sectorial approaches towards water as a theme for design, exploiting this material because of its instrumental value, or enhancing its aesthetical features or focusing on water as an environmental resource to manage at different scales. Moreover the occurrence of floods, which is the most frequent among all natural disasters, has been increasing significantly in the past twenty years Jha et al. It is evident that these approaches to development have direct consequences for the way floods are managed both in terms of the potential vulnerability of the urban area and its inhabitants, and also in terms of the often indiscriminate effect that urban growth has on run-off and flood probabilities. We proposed to put all the functions seven-eighths of the total below the ground under a new park. Counter to the life-supporting properties of this elemental material, water can also threaten and even take life. A new space has been create to meet and relax, built entirely out of wood. It is this essential ratio of water that provides sustenance to all forms of life and is fundamental to social development. Cities are evolving systems.

In the studio apartment and boathouse for a photographer, Lake Ontario, Toronto, Canada Web-9the architectural firm Studio gh3 take advantage of the lakefront site not only for the panoramic views of the setting but also for the deep-water exchange to heat and cool the building year—round through radiant slabs and recessed perimeter louvers at the floor and ceiling.

Water is in fact pumped via a natural filtration system of reed beds and a cleansing biotope through to the building's heat exchangers and back out through a stunning m long cascade.

Though primarily serving as a school, it can be customized and adaptable for other uses, such as a community hub, health clinic, market, entertainment centre or housing.

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A precise intention for the future. With this goal, a large number of contemporary case studies have been collected and analysed in order to select the projects with a holistic and multiscalar approach illustrating how water is considered as a natural resource to manage and preserve but also as a possible instrument for sustainable design at the different scales and, furthermore, as an aesthetical fundamental feature of design.

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In addition, the building, which has a gross floor area of about sqm and was designed by Slawik Architekten, makes use of the sun and the river water to generate energy. The accumulation of industrial waste and raw sewage, frequent flooding and pollution, had forced businesses to locate away from the waterfront.

Often unveiled with the promise of recapturing land that has fallen into disrepair, large-scale waterfront master plans are difficult to implement and parts often never get built.

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The Seaside Plaza is partially sheltered by trees and shading structures with a stage for public events. Subsequently, a waterfront served as the focal point of activity, the place where water-related and urban-based functions merged. Jha, A. Urban beaches, parks and an emphasis on outstanding design contributed to its success. Urban planning occurs within a political ideology that informs the decision making process at a given time. Lechner, N. Wylson, A.

A vacant space has been transformed into an open laboratory for the community.

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